Welcome to MP Photomedia

Like most people I’ve been taking photographs all my adult life, in 2007 I decided to take it to the next level and MP Photography was born.

As well as photography I have always had an interest in Music and motorcycles, I have been able to combine these passions by acting as stage photographer at the Yorkshire Rock & Bike Show  and The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) through their fund raising events and by capturing images at these events have helped to raise both their profiles and my own. 

Since starting out in 2007 my photography has progressed and along with it so has the equipment being used. And so it has become necessary  to alter the name of the company to better reflect the services offered, therefore from Jan 1st 2018 we are now called MP Photomedia (Yorkshire) which reflects that we currently offer video services along with stills photography, I  am also in the process of gaining Civil Aviation Authority certification in order to provide drone photography services.   

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